What are crypto global and regional markets?

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2020-02-07 03:15

We offer the ability to observe market performance by region. We can see the progress of adoption or the result of legislation across a variety of regions independently. Simply click the market drop down and choose the markets you would like to see.We create regions based on the underlyng exchanges which are assessed and classified by the following.

  • Source of bulk  of Internet traffic
  • Headquarters / Company/site posture
  • Site primary language
  • Country fiat Trading pairs supported

This filter will update all the top assets, global books, volume and marketcap values as well as the available assets in the coin scanner below and any non-related exchanges from the coin-depth page. The metrics you see for each asset is only based on the region selected. We default to global crypto markets.

Simply click on the markets filter button and choose the regional market you want to see.

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