How does the crypto Depth of Market filter work?

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2020-02-07 03:16

In addition to filtering assets by their overall liquidity, we also offer the ability to see market depth by % of the top of order books or “nearest the money”. The value of using this filter is so that one can observe how much of the orders are serious and “in play” versus how many are well outside the likelihood of execution along with identifying support and resistance points. Typically depending on the price of the asset as to the more appropriate market depth to evaluate.

For example, with an asset that costs $1usd, the top 5%-10% of the books between .90cents and $1.10 may very well be in play. For an asset that costs $10,000, it is unlikely that orders between $9000-$11000 would be in play and would be more appropriate to look at the top 1% of the order books in this case, observing orders between $9900-$10100 which are likely orders in play.

When filtering depth by % of books, the filter applies to all data, asks, bids, books, charts, etc. This does not hide any assets, it hides what could be considered irrelevant order books byond the percentage specified.

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