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2020-07-17 21:32

We provide the first to market modular API solution including pricing transparency as we seek to disrupt the sector. Choose the data you want to see, how often you need to see it and how far back you need to acces.  Only pay for what you need, see pricing real time as you customize your API access.

Watch our video above for details on using our API subscription interface.

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Hello everyone, today I want to talk to you about our API subscription services we recently launched. We are changing the face of subscription

API data by providing modular, user customizable data-sets at affordable prices. We provide an array of market analytics via API including market depth and order flow data from all major exchanges and assets. We also provide powerful metrics that you can’t find anywhere else.
We offer a free API key to all of our users and we provide some important data for trading, for free! Our free package also gives a decent amount of free a-p-i calls per month.


We do offer some pre-canned API packages priced at a discount with some of the more popular data sets. We offer further discount if you change to a yearly billing plan.


Now this is one of the many things that makes us better than our competition, the ability to subscribe to just the data you want, as much of that data as you want and as far back as you need it - up to 90 days currently and we are working to make more of our historical data available via API soon. As you can see here, we provide pricing transparency you don’t see elsewhere in the industry and a modular subscription service that is the first of its kind. We may force our competition to follow suit but make no mistake who did this because it needed to be done and who is doing it because the competition forces them to.


Once you select a package, if you aren’t already logged in, you will be forwarded to the login or to register if you don’t already have an account. We make it easy with Google and Facebook integration or you can just make a local account. Here I will login with my google account.
I had already purchased a custom plan with a credit card and you can see details about the subscription below including how many calls I have already used this month, subscription rate, entitlements and more. Now I am going to click on subscribe and I am provided a summary of the order. Now that I have selected a plan that is more expensive, I receive a credit equal to the amount of unused API calls based on the original subscription rate. If I accept the terms and click pay now, I am forwarded to Square merchant services to pay for my subscription.


In this case I actually don’t want to buy a more expensive package, I actually want to downgrade --- So now my monthly rate is a bit lower than what I have already paid. This time we can see my discount is greater than the subscription price and the credit will be shown on our account and applied to the next billing cycle.


We have to click to view and accept our privacy and user agreement --- notice within the user agreement we link to our API agreement that you are also accepting. Our current agreement is quite liberal and allows you to use the data to create a service that you charge for with no additional overhead beyond your API subscription costs though there are some limitations. Please review the documentation for full details prior to agreeing to the terms.

Notice once your order processes which should be quite fast, we see my credit on my account and we can pull our API key or in this case, continue using the same key we had previously before we changed our plans. Also notice at the bottom here, we link to our API reference. There is a text file that has some technical guidance and examples and we have a nice visual break down of the API structure here where we break down the various URI paths to access various API points, each page in support of different data types. We have more data coming to these existing API calls along with new API calls coming soon.

To see this data visualized please visit See the details in this post for the transcript and additional links. To see an example of the API calls in use see our additional explainer video which is also linked in the description.

This covers using our API subscription interface. If you have any more questions about the service feel free to email us at- support at

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