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2020-08-17 23:03

Vantage Signals

We are actively assembling a library of free scripts and providing free alerts in our discord channels for an array of assets and strategies. We encourage more technical users to fork our sourcecode for our scripts and make even more options for everyone.

Most of our bots make post flag performance reports letting users know how the asset performed after the flag at various intervals after the initial flag. The indicator configuration of most our bots leave a huge amount of room for variation and applicaiton to different trading styles. Its super easy to visualize the data you are working with and approproate thresholds by looking at the data live on our live data website.

We run our bots in our discord channel if you would like to see what their output and results may look like. Discord Channel

Sign up for a free or inexpensive customizable API key here >  VantageCrypto API Subscriptions

We will outline the bots of which we either have running now or will be bringing on line in the near future.


3x Momentum bot / 3xmom-bot

We call it 3x because it checks for momentum over a user specified duration using 3 sources: price, volume and order books. When all of the attributes confirm momentum we push a flag. This bot is extremely configurable just from the command line. Users have thousands of configurable options to make their bot distinct and use for different applications and trading styles.

Source code is here> Vantage 3xmombot source code

See more about this script here>> About 3xmom bot

Large Order Alerts

We look for large orders across derivatives and major digital asset equities exchanges and post alerts when we see large transactiosn take place. We provide date, exchange, asset and amount that the large order was witnessed on. We are checking for single orders that are greater than 5% of the combined order books for the exchange it was executed on.

Source code is here> Vantage Large Order Alert (LOA)bot source code

See more about this script here>> About LOABOT


We look at trends in order books and order flow ratios and signal based on those trends, its very easy to see where different assets signal using different market depths and running averages.  The script is extremely configurable with 1000's of different combinations.

Source code is here> OverBot Source Code

See more about this script here>> About OverBot

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