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2020-08-17 22:29

Below is a capture of the help from the application/script. just create a shell script to run the app with the switches configured as you desire and your signal channel will be online. The script can report to Discord channel or public Telegram channel.

About Our Large Order Alerts: We classify any order as a large order if the order size is at least 5% of all combined order books for that asset on the exchange it was witnessed on.  So if an exhange XYZ has and asset ABC that has $1,000,000 of combined order books and witnesses a single transaction > $50,000 for asset ABC on exchange XYZ, it will signal as a large order. Exchanges and assets with lower liquidity may signal at lower levels than other assets/exchanges. We never post a transaction below $20k as a large order and users of this script can filter out the minimum size requirement to be considered "large"

APi Subscription requirements: LOA, RT or longer subscription. Number of API calls depends on how often you poll and how many assets you are polling.

  • Source code (Clone or download)
  • Self installer "python3.7 install" see readme in repo
  • Redis is optional but important if you want to be able to kill and restart the process without lossing what transactions you have already logged.
  • If you have questions you can aks us in our help discord channel
  • You can see the markets, assets and values to qualify your signal settings at
  • Derivatives markets tend to see more large orders
  • We are still in the process of implementing large order alerts on the rest of the exchanges we are integrated with
  • Different Scripts require different subscriptions to support, make sure you have the API data you need for the script
  • A script must run for each asset/market you want to monitor, alternatively you can use global/global, derivatives/global or any market/global to see all asset alerts for that market. Otherwise this script will only alert large orders on the asset specified.
  • Old app was vc-discord-3xmom, new app is vc-signals-3xmom
  • Opensource and our API is a liberal license to use our data for profit but you should state that you use VantageCrypto data in your channel description per VantageAPI user agreement.

Usage Example:

vc-signals-loa -a GLOBAL -m GLOBAL -i 5 -f 500000  -r redis:localhost:6379 VANTAGECRYPTO_API_KEY --debug  >> /var/log/bots/3xmombot_lend.log &

This script

  • Automatically prints the last 5 alerts on startup
  • Checks for any asset on Global markets
  • It check for new entries every 5 minutes
  • We do nor report transactions under $500,000
  • We use redis
  • We pump the alert out to a discord channel webhook
  • We are debugging so we see the API calls and the logic in action and we pump all the output into a log file
  • We run it in the background.

usage: vc-signals-loa [-h] [-a ASSET] [-m MARKET] [-i INTERVAL] [-r REDIS]
[-f FILTER] [--debug]
api_key webhook

Discord alerts for crypto currency changes via VantageCrypto.

positional arguments:
api_key api key for Vantage Crypto
webhook discord webhook url

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-a ASSET, --asset ASSET
asset to check (default: global)
-m MARKET, --market MARKET
market for price check (default: derivatives)
-i INTERVAL, --interval INTERVAL
interval of checks in minutes (default: 5)
-r REDIS, --redis REDIS
redis url (default: redis://localhost:6379)
-f FILTER, --filter FILTER
transaction smaller than the filter value will not be
displayed in the channel (default: 20000)
--debug enable debug logging (default: False)

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