Vantage Triggers (VantageCrypto & Cryptohopper)

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2020-11-07 02:19


Vantage Triggers is insurance against your strategy, an emergency escape, a safety net
    • Prevent your hopper from entering the market in the event the market turns sour
    • Liquidate your short-term holdings at the onset of a pullback or bear market
    • Use advanced order book and order flow data exclusive to crypto markets
        o Order Books: Combined order books, asks, bids & Market Depth Ratio (MDR)
        o Order Flow: Volume, xBids, xAsks, Order Flow Ratio (OFR) & Large Order Alerts

Don't get stomped out of a position because of a hard wick on a local exchange. Leverage our global market indicators to signal your exit on an assets combined global values versus those local to the exchange you are trading on.

Is your hopper loaded up with assets from a single sector? DEFI, decentralized compute, privacy assets? Leverage our Sector Indices to signal your exit based on the performance of a basket of like assets with over 20 Sector indices available to choose from.

We are excited to announce through teaming with Cryptohopper, VantageCrypto has delivered a fantastic extension to the Cryptohopper platform. Vantage Triggers extends the capabilities of the pre-existing Cryptohopper triggers by adding VantageCrypto order book and order flow data integration in an easy to use interface that Cryptohopper users are already familiar with.

We offer an array of datasets to define within these triggers, some unique datasets you can't find elsewhere and others are popular emerging trading metrics for crypto markets. We add some additional functionality to Cryptohopper triggers, while also providing all Cryptohopper users with an additional trigger to use for free. You can find visual representation of our data @

Try Vantage Triggers (Requires Cryptohopper account): Vantage Triggers

If you have not already, check out Cryptohopper, one of the greatest automated trading platforms for crypto online today: Cryptohopper

If you are not familiar with some of our order book and order flow data sets, we recommend you check out some of our other articles related to some of these data sets.

We have put together a few explainer videos to introduce you to the app as well as show you how to configure triggers, how these triggers are processed and other accomodating feature sets.

Introduction to Vantage Triggers (Explainer)

In this video we touch on the Vantage Triggers interface, the underlying data-set and then walk through the process of logging in and associating your cryptohopper account so that you can start managing triggers for your hoppers.


Configuring Vantage Triggers (part 1) - (Explainer)

In this video we roll up our sleeves and jump right into configuring triggers. We discuss all the general configurations when creating a new trigger, how triggers function and triggering based on large order alerts. There was a lot of content here so we wrap up the rest off the explainer in a second video just below this one.


Configuring Vantage Triggers (part 2) - (Explainer)

In this video we take up where we left off in part 1 and cover configuring order flow and order book indiciators along with a few more trigger configurations, managing your triggers and viewing the performance of your assets post-trigger.

If you still have questions or you experience any issues with using Vantage Triggers please reach out to VantageCrypto support and put in a ticket. Open a new ticket


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