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2020-11-07 18:49

Vantage Signals OrderBot

This bot leverages our advanced order flow data set. We analyze xbids & xasks(Differenciated Volume) to identify the average size of the orders being executed so we can diffferenciate whale traffic from regular traders while also identifying where the majority of the buy or sell volume has occurred over the last 24 hours. We also have a great cryptosheets template for looking at orderflow.

API Subscription requirements: Price, OFLOW, 7d or longer duration subscription.  Number of API calls depends on how often you poll and how many assets you are polling.

  • Source Code (Clone or download)
  • Self installer "python3.7 install" see readme in repo
  • Redis is optional but important if you want to be able to kill and restart the process without lossing post flag performance reports (You must install Redis to use it)
  • If you have questions you can aks us in our help discord channel
  • You can see the markets, assets and values to qualify your signal settings at
  • Different Scripts require different subscriptions to support, make sure you have the API data you need for the script
  • See our API reference for further details > VantageCrypto Modular API Services API Reference
  • A script must run for each asset/market you want to monitor
  • Opensource code for transparency and community using GPL. Our API is a liberal license to use our data but you should state that you use VantageCrypto data somewhere on your server/channel description per VantageAPI user agreement.

Other than the indicators, all of our bots have the same construction, some of their common features and configurations are below.

  • All bots can report to Discord, Telegram or Twitter
  • All of our bots also include price as an indicator.
  • All bots can send post flag performance reports into channels as they occur or on scheduled reports
  • All bots have a back testing feature
  • All bots can set order book market depth
  • This bot does not use moving averages
  • All indicators are absolute values unless you specify a trend-length | If trend-length (or master trend length) is set, all indicator values are percentages | We will compare current value to the value from the length of time you specified | Trend-Length can be set globally or per bull and/or bear indicator
  • All bots have a cooldown timer to have the signal snooze x amount of time after the first flag

Command reference:

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