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2020-12-17 20:43

We have teamed up with Cryptosheets to bring our data to their great platform, what a powerful combination! We see a huge future for Cryptosheets and we are excited to be part of that future. Between their flexible interface and our unique data-set and modular API data services, you really can just see the data you want to see, exactly how you want to see it!

You can use Cryptosheets in either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. In order to make templates you should be using Excel 365 locally installed. We have already made our first comphensive template and we will be pushing out more. We recommend you jump over to Cryptosheets, install the plugin and give it a try.

Cryptosheets plugin for Google Sheets>>  Cryptosheets for Google Sheets

Cryptosheets plugin for excel>> Cryptosheets for Excel

Cryptosheets website:

Cryptosheets explainer videos> Cryptosheets Youtube channel

Our Free Cryptosheets Templates> VantageCrypto CryptoSheet Templates


Below we show some screenshots from the Cryptosheet interface as well as screenshots from the first template we have assembled. Notice in the first graphic at the beginning of this article, you are able to browse our many data offerrings by scrolling down the list after searching for VantageCrypto under the providers search window in the Cryptosheets applet.

Below is a graphic that shows how to start using our data in a few easy steps once you have installed the Cryptosheets plugin

1. Select Providers
2. Search for VantageCrypto
3. Select VantageCrypto
4. Choose the data-set you want to use (See live @
5. Specify what you want to see from this dataset. See next section regarding configuring this section
6. Either call out the data directly or call out a template to change and pull this request from within the worksheet

Most of the configuration is the same across the various data types. Below we break down configuring the basic request for our data.

You can actually use any data-type call where 'dom' is listed including volume, price, oflow and more, see our API data-set reference here > Easy to understand API Reference

Cryptosheets | Vantage Indices | Configuration page

  1. Configure how often the spreadsheet should refresh
  2. Choose the length of subscription you are using for the VantageCrypto API key you are using (If applicable)
    1. Most spreadsheet functions require at least a 7 day historical license
  3. Paste in your Vantagecrypto API key into the window | Use a free key or get a subscription here > Modular API Subscriptions
    ** Spreadsheet will automatically start updating

Cryptosheets | Vantage Indices | Heatmap Template

  1. See a great easy to view heatmap of sector indices performance over a chosen period of time
  2. Choose the timeframe to compare against current values: 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days
  3. Download Template

Cryptosheets | Vantage Indices | Sector Dominance Template

  1. See how much of the overall market that each application of blockchian accounts for, which sectors are the dominant sectors.
  2. Data shown here is current status. There is a table to the right (scroll) showing the last 24 hour performance for index and sector volume.
  3. Hover over pie chart to see values
  4. Download Template

VantageCrypto Indices Sector Dominance

Cryptosheets | Vantage Indices | Indices Charts Template

  1. See trends in each index side by side including a special subset of DEFI Indices
  2. Choose to show 1 week or 1 month trend
  3. Download Template

VantageCrypto Indices charts for Cryptosheets

Cryptosheets | Vantage Indices | Order Flow by Asset

  1. Visualize how the average order size and differenciate buys from sells. See when buys or sells are trending.
  2. Choose from an array of markets or exchanges
  3. Select a market, type in a ticker
  4. Choose to show 1 week or 1 month trend
  5. Download Template

VantageCrypto OrderFlow by Asset for Cryptosheets

In summary, we love Cryptosheets and we love using it to model our data. The entire spreadsheet template outlined here took one person less than 6 hours to create with zero previous working knowledge of Cryptosheets. If you are a spreedsheet-savvy investor, we think you are going to love this!


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