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The VantageCrypto API has two version, APIv2 and APIv3. We offer our data in a modular and transparent fashion. This document will outline how to query and use our API data sets. We focus on trading grade assets and exchanges as well as harder to find, historic order book and order flow data sets.

The APIv2 interface is primarily used for real time analytics, where an algorithm processing the data only needs to maintain a flow of data and occasionally reach back in time to pull a specific minute or minutes of data. This approach greatly simplifies the API query logic when trying to perform simple compare functions that may spread an array of disparate timeframes such as used with real time analytics bots.

The APIv3 interface is primarily used for bulk data. Each raw data call provides 60 data points, one minute for each hour within the hour of which the timestamp you query falls. In the case of OHLC candles, each candle length provides a different amount of data as outlined below. This format has an array of applications such as back testing for analytics bots or powering other websites and tools.

  • 5min Candles: 288 candles providing 1 day of candles per call
  • 15min Candles: 96 candles providing one day of data per call
  • 1hr Candles: 24 candles providing one day of data per call
  • 4hr Candles: 42 candles providing one week of data per call
  • 1d Candles: 28-31 candles providing one month of data per call

We currently only offer candles for price, other data is provided in bulk format and outlined with examples in the reference below. In the future we plan to support OHLC candles for order book and order flow data as well.

In the case of both version of API, our data resolution for all metrics is 1 minute. Each day of data will provide or be calculated on 1440 data points per day.

Our data can also be viewed online @

By using our API you agree to all the terms laid out in the VantageCrypto User Agreement and reference API agreement.

Subscription Interface:
We offer the ability to pick and choose what API version and calls you want to access and as well, how much of it you want to access. We show the pricing for what you want, as you change your subscription.

  • 100% Pricing Transparency
  • Modular subscription allows users to customize their API to meet their needs, saving even more money.
  • Hard to find order book and order flow data, at a discount
  • Inexpensive compared to the competition
  • Access Subscription interface here > 


Rate Limits:
In the future we will also add the ability to change your rate-limit, paying less for less polling and more if you want to pull commercial grade services. For now, we impose the following rate limits on each API version.

APIv2: x per minute?
APIv3: x per minute?

APIv3 Reference:
Below we outline each section of the APIv3 structure along with example outputs.

Query structure:

Duration Branch Selection
The primary branch specifies the version of API you are accessing, the second branch identifies the amount of historical data you have access to. This directly correlates to the duration you purchased on with your API subscription which can be viewed by returning to  the subscription page and scrolling to the bottom.

  •  APIv3:
    • 7 days (7d)
    • 30 days (30d)
    • 90 days (90d)
    • 1 year (1y)

You can query the real-time values for the current hour from any API call by simply omitting the timestamp from the end of your query. When querying historical data, you cannot query any data that is older than the duration of the branch you are querying. If you try to query data from 91 days ago using a /90d duration, you will receive an error.

Market Branch Selection

Query available Markets: Users of our API are able to list available markets of which can be queried by using the following open API call.

{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":1635710703,"List":"Markets","markets":[{"name":"Global","alias":"global"},{"name":"Derivatives","alias":"derivatives"},      {"name":"International","alias":"international"},{"name":"Western","alias":"western"},{"name":"Asian","alias":"asian"},{"name":"Coinbase      Pro","alias":"gdax"},{"name":"Bittrex","alias":"bittrex"},{"name":"Bitfinex","alias":"bitfinex"},{"name":"Binance Global","alias":"binance"},    {"name":"Poloniex","alias":"poloniex"},{"name":"Bithumb","alias":"bithumb"},{"name":"Huobi Global","alias":"huobi"},{"name":"Hitbtc","alias":"hitbtc"},  {"name":"Bitstamp","alias":"bitstamp"},{"name":"Kraken","alias":"kraken"},{"name":"Okex","alias":"okex"},{"name":"Bitmex","alias":"bitmex"},  {"name":"Binance US","alias":"binanceus"},{"name":"Huobi Korea","alias":"huobikorea"},{"name":"KuCoin","alias":"kucoin"},{"name":"Bybit","alias":"bybit"},  {"name":"FTX","alias":"ftx"}]}
 timezone "UTC"
 serverTime 1635625048
 List "Markets"
     name "Global"
     alias "global"
     name "Derivatives"
     alias "derivatives"
     name "International"
     alias "international"
     name "Western"
     alias "western"


Once the API user has identified the market they would like to use, they can populate the API %market% branch

We offer an array of combined and individual markets. Our individual markets include combined markets for each underlying exchange and as well combined markets by region or stats on all crypto stats for the underlying asset combined from a global market reference. Using global markets and other combined markets will offer a greater validation of data and less prone to wicking on price queries due to single exchange transaction slippage due to limited liquidity.

Asset Branch Selection
In  order to know which assets are available to query here, we can run a similar command as we perform to query markets looking for the specific assets supported by the market we have specified in our API call.

Query available Assets within  a market: Users of our API are able to list available assets of which can be queried by using the following open API call.


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":1635710888,"Market":"Global","List":"Assets","assets":[{"ticker":"global","name":"Global"},{"ticker":"1INCH","name":"1inch"},{"ticker":"AAVE","name":"ETHLend"},{"ticker":"ACH","name":"ACH"},{"ticker":"ADA","name":"Cardano"},{"ticker":"ALGO","name":"Algorand"},{"ticker":"AMP","name":"Synero"},{"ticker":"ANKR","name":"Ankr Network"},{"ticker":"ATOM","name":"Cosmos"},{"ticker":"AXS","name":"AXS"},{"ticker":"BAL","name":"Balancer"},{"ticker":"BAND","name":"BAND Protocol"},{"ticker":"BAT","name":"BasicAttentionToken"},{"ticker":"BCH","name":"BCASH"},{"ticker":"BNT","name":"Bancor"},{"ticker":"BTC","name":"Bitcoin"},{"ticker":"CGLD","name":"Celo"},{"ticker":"CHZ","name":"Chiliz"},{"ticker":"COMP","name":"Compound Governance Token"},{"ticker":"COTI","name":"COTI"},{"ticker":"CRV","name":"Curve DAO Token"},{"ticker":"CTSI","name":"Cartesi"},{"ticker":"CVC","name":"Civic"},{"ticker":"DAI","name":"DAI"},{"ticker":"DASH","name":"Dash"},{"ticker":"DNT","name":"District0x"},{"ticker":"DOGE","name":"DOGE"},{"ticker":"DOT","name":"PolkaDot"},{"ticker":"ENJ","name":"Enjin Coin"},{"ticker":"EOS","name":"EOS"},{"ticker":"ETC","name":"Ethereum Classic"},{"ticker":"ETH","name":"Ethereum"}...Truncated

Formated Sample

timezone "UTC"
serverTime 1635627097
Market "Global"
List "Assets"
    ticker "global"
    name "Global"
    ticker "1INCH"
    name "1inch"
    ticker "AAVE"
    name "ETHLend"
    ticker "ACH"
    name "ACH"
    ticker "ADA"
    name "Cardano"



Notice when we query assets for global markets, we also see a "global" asset. The global asset is the combined value of all assets across all exchanges we track. For example with this, users can track the overall market volumen, orderbooks, value and more.

APIv3 Data and Sub data branches

Now that we have built out our API query to incluide the API branch, the  duration of our subscription, the market and the asset we want to query, now we need to specify what data we want for this asset/market.

The calls are broken down into 4 major catagories:

  • Order Books
  • Order Flow
  • Price
  • OHLC

APIv3 Orderbook API calls

Each of our orderbook API calls start by identifying which depth of market the user wants to query. We offer the following depths of market.

  • 1% Depth of Market
  • 2.5% Depth of Market
  • 5% Depth of Market
  • 10% Depth of Market
  • 100% Depth of Market

Subsequently each depth of market can be queried for the following values.

  • Books (Combined orderbooks)
  • Bids
  • Asks
  • MDR (Market Depth Ratio)

* NOTE: Order books can fluctuate quite a bit making most of the data difficult to find signals and trends in without some kind of smoothing technique. The lower the depth of market, the more volatile the order books tend to be. On our website we visualize the order book data with either real-time, 3 hour moving averages or 24 hour moving averages. There is also value in  moving averages of 72hours and possibly longer for different trading techniques. We recommend you smooth OB values using some method of your choice as well.

Below is a table of available order book calls followed by a few examples from orderbook calls outlined in the table

Version    Duration    Market    Asset    Type    Endpoint    TimeStamp

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 1dom 1books %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 1dom 1bids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 1dom 1asks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 1dom 1mdr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 2_5dom 2_5books %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 2_5dom 2_5bids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 2_5dom 2_5asks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 2_5dom 2_5mdr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 5dom 5books %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 5dom 5bids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 5dom 5asks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 5dom 5mdr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 10dom 10books %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 10dom 10bids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 10dom 10asks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 10dom 10mdr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 100dom 100books %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 100dom 100bids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 100dom 100asks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% 100dom 100mdr %timestamp%

Below are select outputs from various orderbook queries. Each call will provide 60 values, one for each minute of the hour being queried. All hours start at 0000 GMT. It is best to query one query spaced an hour apart to avoid pulling duplicate data. The first value is for the first minute of the hour queried and the last minute is the final minute of the hour. We also print the date and hour for which we are providing results, see details below.

 This API call retrieves 60 values, one for each minute of the hour queried. The call returns the timezone (UTC), timestamp, date and the specific hour being queried, the asset, the market, the endpoint queried and the associated values in comma delimted format.  We query this by querying the 100dom (100% depth of market) data branch followed by the 100bids (Total bids at 100% market depth) query.

{"Asset":"eth","Market":"Global","Endpoint":"100bids","Values":"267062993,267857889,264384267,263702273,264889343,264321247,266217067, 268418510,271704562,271848513,270563932,269562686,263972465,265566857,271165664,271062596,266496932,265704946,269793949,9687685, 264357993,265521726,268184845,268211798,267405400,267432934,266639754,268526071,8816909,268163027,266563987,268404750,267903661, 268041349,268497229,260408355,257712289,266715971,265451322,266176280,266795444,266024572,267175281,267119054,266555881,4293142,  262841356,263105608,262677363,263089039,261054881,265529223,264466101,264644397,266149465,265623452,267130328,266360027,264492138, 264635266"}}


Below we query the order books at a 5% Depth of market and provide a Market Depth Ratio (MDR) for all Ethereum orderbooks across all markets on Binance. Again we provide the hour you arte querying and provide 1 minute data points for each minute within that hour.

{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"Binance Global","Endpoint":"5mdr","Values":"9.73,9.73,1.15,1.15,3.4,3.4,13.52,13.52,15.05,15.05,13.88,13.88,0.92,0.92,16.3,16.3,-0.41,-0.41,12.32, 12.32,9.73,9.73,14.77,14.77,10.43,10.43,12.65,12.65,1.13,11.13,12.5,12.5,11.03,11.03,11.65,11.65,4.61,4.61,5.48,5.48,8.5,8.5,10.24,10.24, 8.34,8.34,6.49,6.49,5.37,5.37,3.78,3.78,7.54,7.54,6.83,6.83,7.25,7.25,1.97,1.97"}}


APIv3 Order Flow API Calls

Our Order flow data offers executed order flow data in a few forms.

  • Executed Orders (xBids/Sells) & (xAsks/Buys)
  • Buy and sell orders by size
  • Buy and sell orders by timing
  • Large Order Detection (APIv2 only)

Below is a list of all the available calls followed by an example of each type. As with all of our APIv3 raw data feeds, each call returns 60 values for the hour your timestamp queries. Each hour is on the hour starting at 0000UTC.

Version   Branch   Duration   Market   Asset   Type  Endpoint  Timestamp

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow xasks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow xbids %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow ofr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-small %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-med %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-large %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-small %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-med %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-large %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys1 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys6 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys24 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells1 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells6 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells24 %timestamp%

APIv3 Executed Order Flow

There are two calls related to standard executed order flow.

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow xasks %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow xbids %timestamp%

These calls retrieve executed buys (Previously asks, or "xAsks") and executed sells (Previously bids, or "xbids"). These are sporadic values and are best used with some sort of smoothing method such as moving averages. Note, all values are in USD. We offer 3 hour and 24 hour moving averages of this data available on

{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"Global","Endpoint":"xasks","Values":"1014639,953227,1315614,1526445,1421407,1434150,650905,569445,441193,706053, 310376,671711,568869,482467,783324,774550,488424,1161452,2234621,1923615,908109,858000,603512,617156,267142,303719,230602,241523, 38748,172253,300365,565576,745415,874373,745626,908025,1132602,1019260,1240348,1230780,615751,567914,585384,592021,369890,645021, 31453,809139,577031,704542,865817,875768,930203,655379,570660,595519,658202,468086,561588,578579"}}


APIv3 Order Flow by size

His API call breaks the xbids and xasks down by the size of orders they are composed of. We break all orders down into 3 sizes of orders and  then provide a % value to identify how many of the orders observed fall in each catagory. The 3 sizes of orders and definitions are below.

  • Small: <$100USD
  • Medium: >$100 & <$50,000
  • Large: >$50,000

Below is a list of API3 calls for Orderflow by size

  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-small %timestamp%
  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-med %timestamp%
  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells-large %timestamp%
  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-small %timestamp%
  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-med %timestamp%
  • v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys-large %timestamp%

The outputs are in percentages of the whole so output will always add up to a total of 100%. For exampel we might see that small orders make up 3% of all orders, medium orders make up 87% of all orders and Large orders account for 10% of all orders. The orders over $50k are most likely professional traders and institutional investors. Users will notice that different assets tend to have very different composure as their general trader base varies. Below is an example of an  APiv2 Orderflow by size output. The output provides by the minute updates for the hour queried.  We are querying Ethereum large orders across all exchanges and markets. The output below indicates that orders over $50k account for 16-18% of all volume for Ethereum during the timeframe queried.


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"Global","Endpoint":"buys-large","Values":"18.4,18.33,18.33,18.28,18.29,18.29,18.3,18.28,18.28,18.22,18.24,17.97,17.97,17.98,17.97,17.96,17.97,17.98,17.99,17.96,17.95, 17.83,17.84,17.84,17.85,17.79,17.78,17.79,17.79,17.64,17.64,17.64,17.65,17.68,17.68,17.65,17.66,17.72,17.72,17.73,17.74,17.52,17.52,17.26,17.27 ,17.28,17.29,17.13,17.14,17.14,17.11,17.12,17.12,16.74,16.74,16.73,16.74,16.71,16.72,16.69"}}


APIv3 Order Flow by time

Similarly to the order flow by size, we break down the order flow by size into 3 durations and then identify what % of all executed orders for the last 24 hours occured at what time with separate tracking for buys and sells. The timeframes are outlined below. 

  • Percentage of all buys or sells that occured in the last hour
  • Percentage of all buys or sells that occured more than an hour ago but less than 6 hours ago
  • Percentage of all buys or sells that occured more than 6 hours ago but less than 24 hours ago

Below is a list of orderflow calls by size

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys1 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys6 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow buys24 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells1 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells6 %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% oflow sells24 %timestamp%

We indicate which timeframe is being captured by deisignating buy or sell with a 1, 6 or 24  - such as buys6 or sells24. Below we query what percentage of buy orders for Ethereum happened across all global markets and pairs over the last hour. We can see that for the most part, ~2.4%-2.91% of the buy volume for the 24 hours occured in the last hour. On a run, we would expect to see this number increase quite a bit early on in the run.


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"Global","Endpoint":"buys1","Values":"2.42,2.48,2.5,2.6,2.61,2.65,2.65,2.64,2.66,2.73,2.73,2.76,2.77,2.76,2.77,2.79,2.85, 2.83,2.85,2.86,2.89,2.89,2.87,2.83,2.84,2.8,2.8,2.6,2.6,2.59,2.6,2.63,2.66,2.7,2.71,2.71,2.71,2.8,2.81,2.84,2.85,2.86,2.88,2.85,2.87,2.88,2.92,2.91, 2.91,2.96,2.95,2.98,2.97,2.97,2.96,2.92,2.91,2.92,2.93,2.88"}}


APIv3 Price 

We provide an array of price conversions for all of our assets in raw format, by the minute. We support prices in 14 different currencies and BTC price conversions. As with all of our APIv3 raw data, we provide 60 data points per hour per API call for the hour your timestamp falls in. You should pace your queries 1 hour apart to prevent duplicate responses. Below is a list of the calls and currencies supported followed by an example of one of the calls being used.

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price usd %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price gbp %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price jpy %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price czk %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price rub %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price aud %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price brl %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price cad %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price cny %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price hkd %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price inr %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price krw %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price mxn %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price zar %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% price btc %timestamp%

Below is a query providing us with 60 x 1 minute intervals of Ethereum price in BTC. Because we are querying the global market, this is the price average across the top exchanges for all trading pairs combined, represented in the currency selected (BTC).  (all combined market averages are "as calculated by VantageCrypto")


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"global","Endpoint":"btc","Values":"0.070184771554,0.070202402366,0.070214459867,0.070238180253,0.07027218948, 0.07029771024,0.070296974799,0.070268983073,0.070246726511,0.070259169578,0.07025802869,0.07026379154,0.070274377596,0.070294536186, 0.070282285512,0.070303678754,0.070311896913,0.070319929874,0.070290360288,0.07028386221,0.070308985385,0.070270517939,0.070278572704, 0.070272108164,0.070275875318,0.070275355074,0.070283259588,0.070290816857,0.070290547316,0.070297682411,0.070302233047,0.070299308082, 0.07026606501,0.070288909131,0.0702804374,0.070262738175,0.070262666263,0.070277599995,0.070279028528,0.07025309153,0.070236923383, 0.070230282302,0.070217649855,0.070219627027,0.070237220885,0.070252363095,0.07027244107,0.070242860086,0.070211575198,0.07017388586, 0.070186759652,0.070172026304,0.070176073978,0.070195582632,0.070198534075,0.070202976506,0.070224145141,0.07024190254,0.070244710708, 0.070228366984"}}


APIv3 Volume

For volume by the minute, we provide 60 calls per hour for the timestamp queried, the same as with all of our raw data API calls. We offer volume in USD or BTC but the underlying values are representative of all trading volume from all pairs and not just for USD or BTC, we are converting all values to USD or BTC for ease in consumption. We also include a 3rd volume/order book metrics call Book To Volume Ratio (BVR) which can be a strong indicator of fake volume. BVR is simply the ratio of orderbooks to volume for this asset on this market.

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% volume usd %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% volume btc %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% volume bvr %timestamp%

Below is an example call for the BVR of ETH on Derivatives markets. The values represent the percentage  of orderbooks compared to 24 hour volume.


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635623560","Date":"2021-10-30 19:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"eth","Market":"derivatives","Endpoint":"bvr","Values":"0.00887,0.00887,0.00887,0.00886,0.00888,0.0089,0.0089,0.0089,0.0089,0.00891,0.00891,  0.00892,0.00893,0.00893,0.00893,0.00893,0.00893,0.00893,0.00894,0.00894,0.00895,0.00895,0.00895,0.00896,0.00897,0.00898,0.00898,0.00898,0.00898, 0.00898,0.00901,0.00902,0.00902,0.00903,0.00903,0.00903,0.00903,0.00903,0.00919,0.00927,0.00936,0.00938,0.0094,0.00941,0.00942,0.00941,0.00942, 0.00942,0.00943,0.00944,0.00944,0.00945,0.00945,0.00946,0.00947,0.00948,0.00948,0.0095,0.00951,0.00952"}}


APIv3 Market Dominace

The VantageCrypto site and API provides two types of market dominance, one based on global dominance and the other within the sector an asset operates.

  • sPRI: Sector Price Relative Indicator (Sector Dominance)
  • gPRI: Global Price Relative Indicator (Global Market Dominance)

There are two APIv3 calls associated to market dominance along with an open APIv2 query for listing sector indices and members.

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %asset% price spri %sector& %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %asset% price gpri %timestamp%

APIv3 Sector Indices and members

In order to pull the sector dominance value for an asset, you need to know what sector(s) it is a member of. We proivide an open APiv2 call for querying and listing all indices along with their members. This can be used for properly populating the sector when querying sector dominance for an asset. In the excerpt from the call shown below, we can see that to check the sector dominance for STORJ, we would need to query it using the "DISK" index.


  alias "disk"
  name "DISK"
  description "Decentralized storage"
  members "maid,sc,storj,blz,btt,lamb,fil,cru"


  alias "privacy" <Truncated>....


below is an example of making two API calls for XMR/Monero. One call checks XMR's global market dominance and the next checks XMR's dominance within the Privacy sector. As with all our raw data calls, we provide 60 one minute values for the hour the timestamp requested occured. We can see that XMR only has about a 0.16% global market domination but does dominate the privacy coin sector by almost 50%.


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635820148","Date":"2021-11-02 02:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"xmr","Endpoint":"GPRI","Market":"Global","Values":"0.16,0.16,0.16,0.159,0.159,0.159,0.16,0.16,0.16,0.16,0.16,0.16,0.16,0.16,


{"timezone":"UTC","serverTime":"1635820148","Date":"2021-11-02 02:00:00","symbol":{"Asset":"xmr","Endpoint":"SPRI","Market":"Global","Sector":"PRIVACY","Values":"47.948,47.928,47.905,47.896,47.89,47.894,47.901,47.91,


APIv3 OHLC Price Candles

As outlined in the  beginning of this guidance, we provide OHLC candles in groups per API call. We will provide the full day, week or month of data for the day, week or month your timestamp request falls in and dependent on candle length. For review, the number of candles provided for each call is outlined below.

  • 5min Candles: 288 candles providing 1 day of candles per call starting 0000GMT
  • 15min Candles: 96 candles providing one day of data per call starting 0000GMT
  • 1hr Candles: 24 candles providing one day of data per call starting 0000GMT
  • 4hr Candles: 42 candles providing one week of data starting on the candle at the timestamp queried
  • 1d Candles: 28-31 candles providing one month of data starting at the candle timestamp queried

In the not too distant future we will offer OHLC for volume, order books and volume, at the moment we only offer price OHLC data, the available calls are outlined below.

v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% ohlc 5m %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% ohlc 15m %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% ohlc 60m %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% ohlc 4h %timestamp%
v3 (7d/30d/90d) %market% %asset% ohlc 1d %timestamp%

Below we provide an example of an API call for Ethereum 1 hour candles, we are returned 24 candles, one for each hour of the day our timestamp falls. Notice each O, H,L and C is spearated by a \/ and then each candle separated by a comma.





APIv2 Reference
Data-sets by the minute



APIv3 Reference
Bulk single metric data-sets


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