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APIv2 Reference
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APIv3 Reference
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The VantageCrypto API has two version, APIv2 and APIv3. We offer our data in a modular and transparent fashion. This document will outline how to query and use our API data sets. We focus on trading grade assets and exchanges as well as harder to find, historic order book and order flow data sets.

The APIv2 interface is primarily used for real time analytics, where an algorithm processing the data only needs to maintain a flow of data and occasionally reach back in time to pull a specific minute or minutes of data. This approach greatly simplifies the API query logic when trying to perform simple compare functions that may spread an array of disparate timeframes such as used with real time analytics bots.

The APIv3 interface is primarily used for bulk data. Each raw data call provides 60 data points, one minute for each hour within the hour of which the timestamp you query falls. In the case of OHLC candles, each candle length provides a different amount of data as outlined below. This format has an array of applications such as back testing for analytics bots or powering other websites and tools.

  • 5min Candles: 288 candles providing 1 day of candles per call
  • 15min Candles: 96 candles providing one day of data per call
  • 1hr Candles: 24 candles providing one day of data per call
  • 4hr Candles: 42 candles providing one week of data per call
  • 1d Candles: 28-31 candles providing one month of data per call

We currently only offer candles for price, other data is provided in bulk format and outlined with examples in the reference below. In the future we plan to support OHLC candles for order book and order flow data as well.

In the case of both version of API, our data resolution for all metrics is 1 minute. Each day of data will provide or be calculated on 1440 data points per day.

Our data can also be viewed online @

By using our API you agree to all the terms laid out in the VantageCrypto User Agreement and reference API agreement.

Subscription Interface:
We offer the ability to pick and choose what API version and calls you want to access and as well, how much of it you want to access. We show the pricing for what you want, as you change your subscription.

  • 100% Pricing Transparency
  • Modular subscription allows users to customize their API to meet their needs, saving even more money.
  • Hard to find order book and order flow data, at a discount
  • Inexpensive compared to the competition
  • Access Subscription interface here > 


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