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2022-08-05 23:43

Thanks to the advanced nature of crypto currency exchanges, we have visibility into data that was never available to traders of traditional markets. Traditional equities market traders typically only have this kind of insight with contract based vehicles such as options and forex. VantageCrypto has been collecting order book & order flow data for years and social data for months, making all this data available for analysis on Vantage Signals. Our order book data is equivalent to if you were able to see every open limit order for every single share of Microsoft or Apple across all the major exchanges across the world and then when those orders executed, seeing not just volume but individual buys and sells and their size. If you are TA'ing this data with Vantage Signals, you are entering unchartered waters and are pioneering a new age of Technical Analysis with one of the most powerful tools available and designed to analyze this data in depth.

Vantage Signals is a next generation analytics and trading tools platform for crypto. Vantage Signals requires no coding to use even its most advanced features. We leverage the extensive TA-Lib library combined with our advance API data and a powerfull interface to achieve what no other platform has acheived. Imagine being able to test up to millions of algorithms at a time in a single click, but there is no need to imagine because you can do this now with out platform. The "Algo-Finder",  our brute force back testing engine, is just one of many of the powerful and unique fetures we offer that you cant find anywhere else.

Our platform is more than just a powerful brute force testing engine powered by decentralized compute. We also provide innovative collaboration for both real time and historical analytics with our Collaborative Analytics Interface and real time crowd signalling with signal hives. We provide fast easy to use terminals for managing webhooks, manual trade entry and bulk asset screening.

Have you experienced finding a great algorithm, only for it to start failing as market conditions change? We all have. This is why we have created multiple ways to automate you algorithm configurations to change as the market changes with adaptive algorithms and algorithm auto-tuning.

We have produced many ways for users to monetize their analytics beyond direct trading. Users can intergrate any platform that supports webhooks into our platform or intergate our platform into any other platform that uses webhooks. Trading group operators can use our platform to manage their trading groups across an array of social media like a Hootsuite for Signal group operators and we are working with the Ocean Protocol to provide a P2P, decentralized signal market place. There is no other platform that offers so many ways for users to monetize their analytics.


Vantage Signals Explainer Video library

Video about collaborative analytics for Vantage Signals

Video about the signal marketplace

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