How to add data source API keys on Vantage Signals

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2022-06-23 19:54

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In this video, we walk you through configuring VantageCrypto API keys on Vantage Signals. When we add API keys, its to add access to additional data sets for the platform to analyze. We start with our own API services for price, order book, order flow and social data. Some of the data our API offers for analysis on Vantage Signals are outlined below.

  • Order book candles: 5 Market depths in a single candle
  • VBS/Volume Buy Sell Candles: Volume, Buuy Voluem, Sell Volume, % Buys orders >$50k, % sell orders >$50k
  • Social Candles: Twitter traffic, Reddit Traffic, Proprietary sentiment score
  • PRI (Price Relevant Indicator)/Dominance:  Market and sector dominance
  • Screener API: Single metric for all tracked assets across CMF or an individual exchange.

Candles are provided in 1m, 5m, 15m,1h,4h & 1d lengths

The next release of Vantage Signals will further simply tis configuration by only taking the users API key for input and then reporting to the user, the data they have access to.

We are working to bring additional unique and powerful datasets to the platform. Users will be able to add the API key for any additional third-party providers data sets in the same fashion as outlined in this video.

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