How to configure a strategies on Vantage Signals?

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2021-12-19 18:08


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Vantage Signals strategies is where you bring your hard work building algorithms into action. We offer an array of strategy types, Automated Strategies, Manual Strategies, Webhook Strategies and Dynamic Asset Strategies. Our multi-algorithm automated strategy engine is more flexible than anything you have ever seen before. The ability to use the outputs from a strategy to report to one or many social media outlets and any format of webhooks makes it almost like a Hootsuite for signal providers. Below we outline a little bit about each engine type before exploring each of them independently.

Manual Strategies:
Instead of manually executing on whatever webhook enabled automated trading platform or directly posting trade signals to all your social trading groups, we enable you to enter your manual trades here. The terminal is a simple market entry/exit terminal. Users have the ability to use market or set limit orders for entry and exit. Users can optionally include simple risk mitigation and gains optimization with Stop Buy(SB)/Trailing Stop Buy(TSB) entry and Stop Loss(SL) or Trailing Stop Loss(TSL) exit to optimize entry and exit signals. This strategy type relies on the user manually clicking execute to start the process and send all the messages to the desired locations. Similar to our automated strategies, we monitor the reliability and performance of each manual strategies combined performance and report them to your social channels with the initial alert. The signal validation services inform consumers of the signal how well you have been performing with your manually sourced trading signals. Check out the quick explainer video to visualize and learn more bout using manual strategies on Vantage Signals.

See the Explainer Video: Vantage Signals | Strategies | Configuring Manual Strategies

Webhook Strategies:
The platform supports the ability to use webhooks as indicators in algorithms, alone or alongside other indicators. Algorithms send their alerts to strategies for strategies to decide what to do with it. This is a lot of process if all a user needs is a single simple webhook execution of a strategy. For example, users could take their webhooks directly from Tradingview for trendline trading and select them directly in a strategy for quick and easy integration of Trading view or any webhook enabled platform. The WebHook strategy also implements similar SB/TSB, SL/TSL risk mitigation and gains maximizing features. Similar to all strategies, we provide signal validation and provide performance reports on signal and enable users to use or send the outputs to an array of social outlets for trading group management, signal group management and similar purposes. Check out the explainer video for a fast walk through on using Webhook Strategies.

See the Explainer Video: Vantage Signals | Strategies | Configuring Webhook Strategies

Automated Strategies
This is by far the most advanced strategy and incorporates using not just one but multiple algorithms to signal with a broad array of ways to determine how to interpret those signals coming from the various algorithms. Users can define multiple algorithms and then the strategy can choose which flags should be used or not based on the current market conditions or the attributes of the algorithms signals themselves. We leverage platform organic metrics from our reliability, gains and risk metrics to enable users to signal using whichever algorithm is performing best and can prevent any algorithm from signaling if it does not meet at least a minimum risk and performance level. As with all our strategies, users can send alerts to an array of social media outlets or external webhooks simultaneously on alert. We also offer the same gains maximizer and loss minimizer services with SB/TSB and SL/TSL. There is a lot going in automated strategies, we recommend you watch the explainer video for configuring automated strategies to get a better idea for how everything works and to visually associate the information to its corresponding interface.

See the Explainer Video: Vantage Signals | Strategies | Configuring Automated Strategies

Dynamic-Asset Strategies
The dynamic-asset strategies work with screener services to scan an array of assets for user specified filters and then either directly alert on them or use this alert to dynamically populate an algorithm that will in turn, automatically configure its associated strategy to process and take action on the asset that passes from the algorithm to the strategy. We will post more about this feature as it gets closer to going live.


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