Terms for using VantageCrypto data, platform(s) or signals to trade crypto assets

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VantageCrypto does not, under any circumstances, take part in any transaction carried out by its Users. VantageCrypto allows the implementation of Crypto-assets strategy signals (hereinafter, « Strategy signals »). For this reason, VantageCrypto warns its Users on the risks inherent in Crypto-asset investments.

Crypto-assets relies on emerging and experimental technologies with significant and unpredictable risks. Users should not use VantageCrypto data, platforms or signals unless they fully understand the risks involved.

VantageCrypto does not provide investment, tax, legal, regulatory or financial advice relating to Crypto-assets investments.

There is a significant volatility Risk with Crypto-asset prices, they may be highly volatile and unpredictable. Invested capital or returns on invested capital is not guaranteed. Any Crypto-assets acquisition involves a high risk of capital loss. It is the Users’ responsibility to assess risk mitigation tactics and hedge against economic risks with their owns means. VantageCrypto shall not be held responsible for economic losses.

Any past performance, simulation or prediction is not indicative of future performance. Therefore, Users cannot and must not make any assumptions as to future performance based on any past performance, simulation or prediction.

The acquisition and sale of Crypto-assets are performed through Exchanges that are independent of our Platform(s). Exchanges have their own listing policy and do not guarantee the Crypto-assets liquidity. VantageCrypto does make an effort to focus our data and analytics on more liquid “trading grade assets” however, VantageCrypto shall not be held liable for difficulties to sell or acquire Crypto-assets on exchanges.

Crypto-assets are listed by independent and unregulated exchanges which do not provide any financial or technical guarantee. Trading on crypto exchanges carry a significant risk of technical failures that can lead to the impossibility to acquire or sell at even a complete loss of the Crypto-assets.

Crypto-assets functions are based on experimental technologies with significant, unpredictable and unusual failure risks that can lead to the complete loss of Crypto-assets. Crypto-assets can be subject to hacking attempts. Users are reminded that they are solely responsible for the safety of their Crypto-assets and Wallets. VantageCrypto does not provide custody services for users crypto, it is incumbent on the users to use best practice methods for handling custody of their crypto.

In most countries, Crypto-assets are not regulated, however, investment or trading in Crypto-assets may be impacted by restrictive law adoption, the publication of restrictive or negative opinions, the issuing of injunctions by national regulators, the initiation of regulatory actions or investigations, including but not limited to, restrictions on the use or ownership of Crypto-assets. It is the responsibility of each User to carry out their own due diligence concerning the purchase and ownership of Crypto-assets according to the national law and regulatory bodies.

“Consumers” refers to any natural person or any legal person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession within the meaning of the EU Directive of 25 October 2011 (2011/83/EU) relating to consumer rights. “Creator” refers to the user offering to provide his own strategies signals for free or in return for payment through whatever financial/merchant services the creator has implemented for charging their customers/consumers. Creators are responsible for managing their own legal disclaimers & documentation and assumes all responsibility for the transactions they perform whereas the product being sold may be sourced or processed from a VantageCrypto resource by the creator.

“Crypto-assets” refer to any cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and tokens (ERC20, SPL etc.) tradable on a public blockchain. “Currency” to any currency having a legal tender (euro, dollar, etc.). “Exchange” refers to independent Crypto-assets trading platforms on which Crypto-assets are traded.

Payments made to VantageCrypto may be made in currency or Crypto-assets through respective merchant service providers for each. Funds paid to VantageCrypto are as payment for the rental and hosting of services for the customer, creator or consumer. Funds paid to VantageCrypto are posted as credit to users account for using hosted services and are not usable for trading. VantageCrypto does not provide custody services for Crypto-assets.

“Marketplace” refers to access for a service jointly hosted by VantageCrypto that allows contact to be made between users in order to provide a marketplace for Creators to rent their Strategy signals to consumers in a unified signal marketplace. The marketplace is a decentralized entity residing on the Ocean Protocol network and is not owned by VantageCrypto. VantageCrypto will provide an interface for browsing and consuming signals on the decentralized marketplace. Transactions on the decentralized marketplace are between creator and consumer and are a P2P transaction, whereas consumers funds are deposited directly in the creators wallet upon purchase, managed by a smart contract.

Any User can create an account on VantageCrypto by providing: an email address, a password and the means to use a two-factor authentication client. The normal operation of a User account also requires the addition of the Exchanges API keys on which the User has an account and executes his orders. VantageCrypto can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss or theft of the means of authentication by the User, as well as the resulting impersonation of his account. VantageCrypto urges users not to use API keys that enable the transfer of assets off of the exchange that has custody of them, VantageCrypto does not provide inter-exchange arbitration tools, permitting such access only introduces needless risk to the user.

A User can ask for the account deletion at any time. In addition, VantageCrypto reserves the right to delete accounts that have not been used for at least 90 days after sending a notification where as the notification remained unanswered - to the associated email address at least one (1) month before deletion. The deletion of an account irreversibly leads to the deletion of all its data.

VantageCrypto offers an multiple tools that allows Users to choose various criterias, action and investment orders (for instance, signal, buy or sell a Crypto-asset if a particular condition is fulfilled). VantageCrypto reserves the right to delete, add or modify the features available in any of our tools, at any time. Users understand and accept to be solely responsible for any consequences arising from the setting and execution of the operations foreseen by theirs Strategies.

Users can test their Strategies on the basis of past and current performances of a Crypto-assets on an Exchange and during a chosen period. Results of such tests are given for information purpose only and are not indicative of future performance. Therefore, Users’ Strategies should not be based on this simulation only. The User is also able to test the Strategy on the current Prices (Live Algorithm) provided by the Exchange and during the period of his choice, without actual execution of the orders, using a paperwallet. Users should use the paperwallet service until they have an education and comfort level with the platform prior to using the platform or its signals to trade using real currency and Crypto-assets.

Information relayed by VantageCrypto is given for information purpose only and should not be the basis of an investment order. VantageCrypto does not control the content of the information relayed. VantageCrypto should not be held liable for any delay in or failure of the transmission of information nor for the content of theses informations.

The Strategy is operated under the conditions defined by the user and specifically on the exchange and the trading pair the user chooses. By starting a Strategy, the user is enabling self-execution. The User accepts to pay the self-execution fees charged by their exchange as well as any subscriptions for renting and hosting services provided by VantageCrypto.

Brute force back testing using the Algo-Finder is charged for by the compute hours. The amount of site credit charged every minute to pay for the Algo-Finders operations is indicated on the Platform's website under dashboard, resources utilization section. Pricing for compute resources will be articulated in VantageCrypto pricing information available on our FAQ site or within our subscription services. Users should be aware that running large brute force back tests over longer durations on a large number of compute workers could result in large compute rental fees. See pricing guidance for more details.

Support Support is available at this email address: support @ vantagecrypto.com. VantageCrypto makes every effort to respond to requests within five (5) working days.

Trading Signal resell and marketplace
VantageCrypto hosts a decentralized Marketplace that allows contact to be made between Users in order to make Creators able to rent their strategy signals. This article shall apply only to the relations between Creators and Consumers/Lessees in the context of the renting of a strategy signal. Using a Strategy built by a Creator is subject to the unconditional acceptance and respect of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, « Terms ») and specifically, other users using other platforms other than those provided by or approved by VantageCrypto have the ability to publish one or more strategy signals to the marketplace. VantageCrypto will provide signal validation services for reporting on signal performance but the creator is not under obligation to use signal validation and the signal validation itself, while tracking prior performance, provides no guarantee of future performance. The acceptance criteria for a marketplace transaction are specified in the creator and agreed to by the consumer on consumption. VantageCrypto brings to the attention of users, especially French residents (And other countries citizens as applicable by local laws) Creators, that present oneself as a Consumer while acting within the framework of a regular or usual professional activity may be considered as a misleading commercial practice that could be severely punished.

The use of the Strategy signal offered by a Creator is subject to the acceptance by the Lessee of the present terms and the specific contractual conditions determined by the Creator, namely, the Creator provided details and the rental fees defined by the Creator. In return for the use of its Strategy signal, the Creator receives a remuneration that he defines previously.

The Strategies that are the most used or the best rated are highlighted in a dedicated part of the marketplace. VantageCrypto reserves the right to put forward, in a dedicated section, certain Strategies on a discretionary basis. Strategies offered by Creator can be removed from VantageCrypto marketplace at the discretion of VantageCrypto. Because the marketplace is decentralized, the strategy signals may still be available through other signal marketplaces on the Ocean Protocol network.

Lessees are free to evaluate the strategies offered by the Creators. VantageCrypto does not control the content of the reviews published by the Users concerning the Strategies offered by the Creators. VantageCrypto may provide signal validation services to the creator as a service to their consumers. Vantagecrypto, this is an automated process and an optional service of which Creator and Consumer agree VantageCrypto will not be held liable for any loss of income to Creators from negative reporting or loss of trading equity by Consumers using these past performance metrics to assess risk in future transactions. Creator and Consumer agree not to hold or attempt to hold VantageCrypto liable for loss as a results of the creation, selling, or consuming of strategy signals produced or consumed by our platform.

VantageCrypto brings attention to the Creators that receiving compensation in return for the use of their Strategy signals is likely to constitute an income subject to tax and social contributions. It is the Creators sole responsibility to declare the income from the rent of their Strategy signals to the Tax Administration and the Social Security Administration.

Disputes between Creators and Lessees, as part of the decentralized marketplace service, VantageCrypto acts as a mere portal to decentralized strategy signal transaction services between Creators and Lesses and do not provide a Strategy leasing services. As such, VantageCrypto shall not be held liable for the Strategies and informations made available by the Creators (including costs, Strategies description and efficiency, content from Users, etc.) or for the information published by the Users (in particular, evaluation of Strategies or Creators). In addition, the services provided through the Marketplace or social channels takes place only between the Creator and the Lessee. The Platform’s responsibility cannot be incurred in respect of such services from which VantageCrypto is foreign. Therefore, any claim must be addressed by the Lessee to the Creator. The Creator is solely responsible for the claims processing. Nevertheless, VantageCrypto reserves the right to take part in arbitration, in its discretion, if the Creator does not provide a response to a request nor a settlement to a dispute.

Users guarantee VantageCrypto against any breach, exceeding the foreseeable risk, which could result from the use of a Strategy by another User. In addition, VantageCrypto reserves the right to withdraw any Strategy in violation of these Terms VantageCrypto may also delete a User's account in violation of these Terms, without prior notice or compensation.

Platform content As a hosting provider, VantageCrypto is subject to a limited liability regime as provided by the EU Directive of the 8 june 2000 (2000/31/EC) on E-commerce. Therefore, VantageCrypto can not be held liable for the content of the Strategies released by the Users as well as the contents exchanged between them and gives no guarantee, express or implicit, in this respect. VantageCrypto is a third party to Users relationships and thereby excludes any liability in this regard. The User also waives any right of recourse against VantageCrypto in the case of third party proceedings against him as a result of the use and / or unlawful exploitation of the service provided, in the event of the loss of his password or in case of usurpation of his identity

VantageCrypto undertakes to implement all the necessary means to ensure the best delivery of the services provided. VantageCrypto shall not be held responsible for: - any Service breakdown or malfunction; - the loss of Users’ data. User is solely responsible for taking the necessary measures to backup his datas; - any unusual or illicit use of the Service by a third party or by Users; - direct or indirect damages resulting from the content of the Strategies and / or access to the Service and / or malfunction; - a malfunction or cyber attack.

VantageCrypto does not have to control the Strategies published by the Creators and Creators could publish their results in the marketplace, social media or any destination that can accept webhooks. Users and consumers acknowledge and agree that it is their sole responsibility to evaluate and select the Strategies they choose to implement or use. Therefore, VantageCrypto can not be held liable for any loss resulting from the operation of any Strategy, whether it has been rented or created by the User.

VantageCrypto does not provide investment, legal, tax or financial advices. The information that may be provided by VantageCrypto is purely factual and does not take into account the individual situation of its Users.

VantageCrypto is not an Exchange and does not take part in the trading of Crypto-assets. Thus, VantageCrypto can not be held responsible for damages arising from failures in exchange, acquisition, sale or any other transaction on Crypto-assets and especially, the impossibility to execute or delays to execute a programmed order on the Platform.

The User owns the content he produces, exchanges or rents on the Platform. The User guarantees the operator against any third parties rights infringement and, especially, on intellectual property rights. Strategies designed by Users belong to them. Nevertheless, by building Strategies on VantageCrypto platform(s), the User grants to VantageCrypto the right of non-exclusive exploitation, transferable, sublicensable, free of charge, for the whole world on all the Strategies contents. The rights thus granted include the right to reproduce, represent, distribute, adapt, modify, create a derivative work, translate all or part of the Strategy by any means, in any form whatsoever and on all media known or unknown to date as part of the service of VantageCrypto or in line with its activities, and this for commercial purposes or not and advertising, as well as to broadcast on social networks that VantageCrypto uses.

All intellectual property rights on the website content, excluding the Users generated content, are VantageCrypto property. They are provided free of charge within the exclusive framework of the use of the Service. Therefore, any use of these contents without the prior permission of VantageCrypto is unlawful. VantageCrypto is the service’s database producer. Any unauthorized extraction or reproduction is prohibited. VantageCrypto is required to collect some Users’ personal data, by any means and, in particular, during the User account creation. The communication of the personal data requested by VantageCrypto by Users is strictly necessary for the services performance. Therefore, its communication is essential for the fulfillment of the parties’ contractual obligations. Consequently, without the requested information communication, VantageCrypto will not be able to establish contractual relations with the User. Users agree that their personal data will be transmitted by VantageCrypto to other Users or, if needed, to their representatives, for the sole purpose of enabling the Service performance and under the provided conditions for herein. The personal data collected by VantageCrypto shall be stored for the time necessary to fulfill the Parties contractual obligations, subject to the legal obligations of the Platform. VantageCrypto implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data collected from its Users. However, in case of doubt by the User on the security of the protection of his personal data and in particular, on the security of his personal account, the User agrees to expose his situation to VantageCrypto as soon as possible.

Users have the right to access, rectify and delete their personal data. Anyone may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of their data. Users may exercise these rights at any time by sending their request to the following email address : support @ vantagecrypto.com

VantageCrypto reserves the right to modify or stop the accessibility of all or part of the service and / or the Website or Applications at any time. VantageCrypto reserves the right to modify, at any time, all or part of the Terms. Users' use of the Service constitutes their acceptance of the Terms and amendments. The applicable version of the Terms is the latest version published on the date of use of the services offered by the Platform.

Failure by VantageCrypto at any time to require the other party to perform any of its obligations under these terms will not affect the right of VantageCrypto to request their execution thereafter. The nullity of any clause of these Terms does not affect the validity and the obligation to respect the other clauses.

This agreement is specific to using VantageCrypto data and platforms for trading or signaling and does not constitute the entirety of the terms the User agrees to when they use VantageCrypto data and/or services. Please review the VantageCrypto user agreement, privacy agreement, beta agreement and any other such agreement linked to from the user agreement found on https://faq.vantagecrypto.com.

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