Configuring an outbound webhook on Vantage Signals

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2022-06-23 20:14

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The Vantage Signals outbound webhook channel can send webhooks to any platform that can receive inbound webhooks. Users can format outbound webhook alerts in clear text or JSON format as required by the receiving platform. This feature allows users to extend the power of the Vantage Signals platform to their own website or service or to use for trading on other thrid party trading platforms such as CryptoHopper, 3 Commas or any platform that can use webhooks to trade. This feature makes the Vantage Signals platform usable to trade on virtually any crypto exchange that at least has one or more automated trading platforms integrated with it.

This video walks users through creating an outbound webhook channel for using singals from algorithms, strategies, manual trading terminal, webhook trading terminal or screener trader usable on any platform that supports inbound webhooks. 

There is no other platform that makes using someone else platform to execute this easy. Most platforms do what they can to force users to use them as a one stop shop, Vantage Signals is built with flexibility so that users can use the platform in a way that best suites their needs, even if that means that another platform is used for some or the bulk of services the user would like to use. 

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