Using the Manual Trading Terminal

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2022-06-23 20:28

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Vantage Signals offers a simple interface for entering and tracking multiple manual trades in a simple, fast and easy to use interface. The manual trading terminal can be used to send trade triggers to any automated trading platform that supports inbound webhooks, for signalling to social trading groups or direct trading with select exchanges.

Enter in one or more manual trades across multiple exchanges or trading platforms, from a single interface. Supporting limit or market orders, long or short, we also offer advanced trade helpers to minimize risk and maximize gains on each trade. Our trade helpers provide tools that exchanges dont offer but should such as:

-Stop Buy (Confirm a run before entering)
-Trailing Stop Buy (Wait until after a pull back before entering)
-Stop Loss (Accept a small loss on a bad trade instead of holding it for massive losses)
-Trailing Stop Loss (Dont exit a trade while its still going up, wait for it to pull back from its highs)


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