Using the Webhook Trading Terminal

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2022-06-23 20:39

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The Webhook trading Terminal on Vantage Signals might be one of the simplest easiest to use webhook trading terminals in the industry. After creating an inbound webhook and setting it up on the distant end platform for alerting, such as Tradingview, users can enter simple plain english words or phrases to enter or exit a trade. No programming necesary, no complex interface. The most complicated component of the webhook terminal is the trade helpers, designed to help maximize gains and minimize risk but of which are not necessary to use in order to successfully trade using the webhook trading terminal.

Simply identify what you want to trade, how you want to trade it and how much you want to trade and then the words we should look for in a webhook alert in order to enter or exit a trade. Below is a screenshot of the interface.


Users can also send alerts from the webhook trader to other platforms that accpet webhooks or to an array of social media. 

Vantage Signals is also working to bring support for dynamic Webhook trading where as users do not need to specify an asset at all, instead we will parse the inbound message and find the asset and create a trade for that asset provided the entry and exit filter are also present in the message. This will enable users to use things such as Tradingvirew screeners to send alerts for a large array of assets through a single webhook and then open and close trades on any of those assets dynamically.

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