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2022-07-16 00:17

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This is power! With a single interface, parse all the trading grade assets on major exchanges looking for your criteria to be matched. A single screener could track over 300 assets on Binance Global and enter a trade or send an alert based on criteria you set. What a great tool for momentum trading or scalping. There is no reason to setup 300 separate algorithms when you can do it all in one.

The screener trader uses simple metric comparisons and does not use complex TA so users cannot use metrics like RSI, Aroon & MFI or other such indicators available in our algorithms engine. That doesnt mean the screener is limited. Users can parse price, volume, order books, order flow, large orders, order book ratios, executed order ratios and social sentiment looking for % changes or absolute values.

The interface is super simple, users can configure a new screener trader in a minute or two. We highly recommend users use paper wallets to start until they have a proven strategy as this is capable of opening a lot of simultaneous positions so a bad strategy could cause significant losses. In the same fashion, a solid strategy can help users catch every major run that happens across the platform or jump on scalping opportunities across a large basket of assets simultaneously.

The screener trader currently supports screening all global assets on CMF and all trading grade assets across Binance Global, FTX Global and Coinbase. Users can also execute trades on those same exchanges or send their trading data to another platform for execution or to social media in support of a social trading group.

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