Using the Collaborative Analytics Interface (CAI)

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2022-07-20 23:35

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The Collaborative Analytics Interface (CAI) is an easy to use repository for peer to peer and "peer to public" analytics. Users can search or filter results to find any back tests that have been performed on a particular asset, using a specific indicator and metric or during a specific timeframe and much more. With the click of a button users can load the results from prefious results and view them in the visual analyzer.

Not everything is public but public data collaboration is highly encouraged. Users can also use the CAI to connect to peers repositories and share back test and algofinder results with each other, enabling private collaboration as well.

There is a library for individual back tests and there is a library for the AlgoFinder, our brute force back testing engine. With the Algofinder library, you can pull the results from a series of backtests, from 100's to 100's of thousands, to millions of algorithm configuration combos, results instantly - without waiting for the test to process. The default behavior for any backtest or algofinder performed on the Vantage Signals system is to save the results to the public library for all users to use as a resource.

With help from the Visual Analyzer, its really easy to review and filter the best results even from large AlgoFinders. Using our "Best Signal" algorithm, we evaluate the gains, risk, reliability and assess the best results with such accuracy that users seldom need to look past the first page of results.

Check out the video above to review how the CAI works and also look for our video on the Visual Analyzer, those two videos alone will really get you hitting the ground running.

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