How to use the Visual Analyzer on Vantage Signals

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2022-07-20 23:52

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The visual analyzer is a one stop shop for visualizing any and all things on the Vantage Signals platform. Powered by our own fork of the Tradingview Opensource library charts, we convery things in a way traders and users are used to processing. There are an array of things that can be reviewed in visual analyzer, as outlined below.

  • Single algorithm historic results for real-time algorithm performance
  • Single Aglorithm historic back test (Your standard single back test of an algo across one range of dates)
  • Deep analytics, multi-date range, batch tests results from the algofinder
  • Historic performance for real time strategies or multi-algorithm strategies
  • Strategy historic back test (Can test the switching between multiple algorithms)
  • Historic data from real time webhook Trader performance
  • Shared analytics from the Collaborative Analytics Interface (CAI)

For Algofinders, we have created a powerful tool for quickly and efficiently weeding through 10's of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of results. The Visual Analyzer quickly brings the best results to your attention and with filters and search functions, users can easily find a needle in a haystack in short order.

The combination of the Algo-Finder and the Visual Analyzer is so powerful for performing deep analytics. Be sure to see the video on AlgoFinders as well to really power up your ability to perform in depth analtyics on Vantage Signals.

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