Understanding Algorithms on Vantage Signals

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2022-07-24 19:28

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Understanding Algorithms on Vantage Signals. These are the basic building blocks for strategies and finding the right configuration for your algorithm is what the algo-finder is all about. More videos to come. https://youtu.be/knQjcrIrdyc

The algorithm is the basic building block for crypto market quantitative analytics. Users don't need to make algorithms with our fast terminals for things like manual entry, webhook and screener trade terminals but we have great tools for users who want to develop their own algorithm or multi-algorithm strategy. Algorithms provide a signal and signal validation of which can also be sent to social media such as Twitter, Discord and Telegram. Coupled with strategies users can send custom messages to social media or any webhooks they have configured a channel for. This video will help users understand how to create, configure and update an algorithm along with other things. Once users understand what is and how to configure an algorithm, they can pull from a large public repository and instantly seed an algorithm from the library or run their own brute force back tests in the Algo-Finder and find the best configuration. We also have the ability to automatically update your algorithm configuration either using algo auto-tuning or adaptive algorithms. Watch explainer videos related to those subjects along with using the Collaborative Analytics Interface (CIA) Library and AlgoFinder to take your abilities on Vantage Signals to the next level.
Our signals platform currently in invite only beta testing https://signals.vantagecrypto.com
Request beta access in our discord channel https://discord.gg/QvTE5ND
See our market data live on our screener https://coinmarketflow.com


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