How to use the Algo-Finder on Vantage Signals

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2022-08-06 01:06

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All of our competition either requires its users to code python or they only offer one back test at at time. We are bringing institutional tools to the retail trader.

The Algo-Finder is so powerful, in fact it is likely the most powerful quantatative analytics platform available to the average retail trader. The days of doing one back test at a time are ancient history. Now, through the Vantage Signals GUI, users can easily set spreads of values across various indicators and we will automatically enumerate all the possible combinations of configurations and test them.

In the click of a button users could kick off a million back test Algo-Finder and easily find the best configurations using the Visual Analyzer to view the Algo-Finder once it has completed.

Using Vantage Signals Algo-Finder, a user could back test a million different combinations of 3 indicators such as MACD, Stoch RSI and Aroon using an array of metrics such as price, volume, order books, order flow or social sentiment and test over 3 different and distinct time periods with a comprehensive report of the performance of all tests with the best results at the top of the list. To perform a million back tests one by one to achieve similar results would take an analyst days, weeks or years on other platforms.

The embeded video above, walks users through the entire process of creating and running an algo-finder as well as understanding its outputs.

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