How to delete my account and associated data

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2022-08-10 16:56

Users can delete their account and any related data at any time. Below is a screenshot followed by details on how to remove your account and data from the system.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the arrow in the top right corner and select to login
  3. Click the bitcoin profile button on the top right corner and select "Profile"
  4. Click on "Delete Account" and confirm


Note: We do not collect or resale any user data, all user data is used internally for internal systems and account management functions. While some vendors such as google ads may use some tracking, we make efforts not to use vendors for services of which may track users. For example, we do not use Google Analytics, instead we use Plausible, a lightweight analytics company that maintains users anonymity and does not resell data it collect and report to us.


We are always updating and improving our services, we hope you will decide to revisit our site and try our services again in the future.




Team Vantage

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