Overview of Sector Indices for crypto markets

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2020-06-14 01:27

Hello everyone, in this video, we are going to talk about a new first to market feature we recently released, we have sector indices for Crypto! We modeled our indices after the same formula used to calculate the S&P500 and it has produced some pretty interesting results.

Each sector index represents a like group of assets and we track the books, volume and marketcap for each index. The indices have names that relate to their underlying assets. For example we have Block Chain As A Service index, Stable coin index, Privacy, distributed storage and compute indices and a lot more, almost 20 indexes already.  Even just watching the stable coin index open interest and volume is hugely helpful to see when money is moving to the sidelines.

On the global indices page that we are looking at here, I really like the chart that shows where the money is in blockchain, what sectors are people putting the most money into as a whole.  Of course thanks to Bitcoin we can see that the Money index accounts for 65% of the entire market, that is global market dominance. We can look at the index score here and see that the second closest competitor is Block Chain as a A Service and its quite a ways behind. Its also amazing to see how a few sectors dominate the majority of the money in crypto.

-- So lets take a look at BlockChain As a Service -- these are all chains that are being used for tokenizing assets, providing smart contracts and a dapp platform to name some of their larger applications. It is not a surprise to see that Ethereum, the blockchain that pioneered BlockChain As A Service with a near 50% market domination among its emerging peers with EOS as a distant second with a little over 10% of the market. I do find it interesting to see these other players chip away at Ethereums market dominance like this. -- Lets look at the privacy coin index.   --    Again no surprise to see Monero dominating the sector with more than 50% dominance and Dash the only close contender.  Looking at the trend for the year we can see the sector is actually lower than it was a year ago as a whole. It will be interesting to see how this index reacts to anti-laundering legislation aimed at this sector in the future.


Our competitors put all assets into one bag and basically compare them against Bitcoin for market dominance despite providing completely different services. We have an easy way to see how an entire Blockchain sub-sector is performing compared to other sectors and we enable you to see what assets have market dominance within their sector, against their competition. If you are going to use marketcap valuation as a measure of dominance, this is the way to do it, not like our competition.


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