Trading Grade versus Investment Grade

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2020-05-17 21:41

Trading Grade and Investment Grade are not the same. Investment Grade relies on company/project fundamentals where as Trading Grade focuses on trusted liquidity required to be trade worthy. Though they are different, investors will find most Investment Grade assets are Trading Grade assets as well. If an asset is not Trading Grade, there is a good chance its not Investment Grade either.

VantageCrypto identifies Trading Grade assets as the following:

The majority of crytpo projects are not trading grade at this time although there are many platforms and hundreds of assets that are. The criteria we use to determine Trade Worthy assets and platforms are as follows.


  • On a reputable exchange
  • Sees a minimum level or regular surges of daily liquidity over the last 90 days
  • Sees a minimum level or regular surges of daily volume over the last 90 days
  • Are not evident purveyors of fake volume or order books
  • *New assets: Meets minimum liquidity and volume requirments for 3 days
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