Tracking Order Flow by size

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2020-05-17 22:05

How we empower Order Flow size tracking is with the use of a size metric on both xBids and xAsks. We are looking at the size of the order that was placed that executed and whether it was a buy or a sell order. We offer this data globally as well as on each individual asset (globally). On our order flow information panel we provide a metric bar labeled size. Users can hover over 3 sections of the bar to see their values and soon API users will be able to pull this data with our oflow API point.

Exampe of OrderFlow panel

  • This charts the last 24 hours of xbids/xasks based on size
  • There are two sides of the time table, one for buys, the other for sells.
  • Each side has 3 sections: Small orders (<$100USD in value), Medium Orders (>$100<$50kUSD in value), Large orders (>$50k USD in value)
  • Each section shows the amount of the orders that fell within that size both by percentage of the total and as well the total value of those assets.

This chart makes it easy to visualize what kind of traders are busy making volume. Are they hobbyists and users with small and micro transactions, are they home traders or are they likely institutional.  When we see large orders start to swell in size, we know there is likely institutional investors or large traders making a lot of moves. These charts make it easy to see if the institutional traders are buying or selling and which one they are doing more of. 

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