Stable Index Order Book Trending

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2020-08-15 21:45

What is the Stable Index?  It is combined statistics for all tracked stable assets in a single index, volume and order book value.

One of the many market characteristics we have observed since starting to watch market liquidity more than 2 years ago is the signalling we see in stable assets as money flows to the sidelines. Stable coins dont run in price so much and volume may be seen in inflow or outflow without looking at order flow. The order books serve as a more clear indication of underlying movement for the index due to the nature of the underlying assets.

Because we have not implemented Trading View Charts on our global page or indices, we demonstrate using our simple charts and a browser markup tool. We see that the orderbooks work within a channel most times, at minimum with resistance or support. We monitor for the break of resistance or support and see it as a market wide signal.

Below is a graphic that shows the stable index order books along side the global markets market cap

Vantage Stable Markets as a Signal

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