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2021-11-07 02:48

Advanced Orderblock finder, BEARISH | reversal candle pattern

Advance block finder is a candle pattern that can be used to flag both  BEARISH patterns.
The pattern is a three-candle pattern that suggests a reversal. As with any technical indicator, other present market conditions can be used to improve the reliability of this metric.

  • The price action has displayed an upward trend or a bounce within a downtrend
  • Three white/green candles appear that have progressively shorter bodies
  • The open of the second and third candles lie within the real body of the previous candles respectively
  • The upper shadows/wicks of the three candles gradually become taller, especially the shadow of the third candle

Vantage Signals, our market analytics software, has this indicator integrated into the live algorithms as well as the brute force back testing engine.

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