Configuring an inbound webhook on Vantage Signals

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2022-06-23 20:16

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The Vantage Signals inbound webhook channel can accept webhooks from any platform and then use the alerts from those webhooks to work with other indicators on our platform or on their own and take action accordingly.

This video walks users through creating an inbound webhook channel and uses tradingview as an example for sending alerts to our platform. Tradingview is the most common but Vantage Signals can actually receive webhook alerts from any platform in any format. Users can easily assign filters to look for specific words or phrases to signal or take action.  Inbound webhooks can be used in 2 locations on the Vantage Signals platform.

  • As an indicator in an algorithm (And executed through a strategy)
  • As a trigger for action in the Webhook (Individual or dynamic asset asociation)

Another feature that is not shown in this video but coming soon, users can review logs of incoming webhooks to see their content and format for troubleshooting any issues with receiving webhooks or using the right keywords and format for filtering the contents.

There is no other platform that makes using webhook alerts as easy as the webhook trading terminal does on Vantage Signals.

The first video above explains the process of adding a webhook alert, we use Tradingview alerts as an example. In the next video we cover using the webhook channel you create from the video  in a webhook indicator (Old interface)

The last video demonstrates how to use an incoming webhook to signal trades in the webhook trading terminal.

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